Getting Started, Motivation

Just. Get. Started.

This is the very start of our financial independence journey blog, and the theme is fitting: It’s important to just get started.

There is a good chance that you will find this to be a simple and consistent theme for people pursuing financial independence, and living a meaningful life in general: The single most important thing is to take action, and get the journey started.

You don’t need to have experience. You don’t need to have all the details figured out, and a perfectly efficient way to get there. Just getting started with putting your ideas and dreams into action will immediately put you ahead of so many others in this world.  

The most important aspect is really just be willing to get started and give it a try, bringing a positive and curious attitude to think about how you can continually improve your approach, and before you know it you will be soaring through the air faster than a falcon.

This blog is an authentic example of me living by this very philosophy. I don’t know how to build websites, or how to navigate WordPress,but I’m getting started and I will just keep iterating and trying different things to continually improve it.

It seemed like such a fitting topic for our very first blog post, and I genuinely feel it is the most critical aspect to keep in mind whenever you are interested in pursuing something new. There is an enormous gap between wanting to do something and actually doing something, and the reality is that most people can’t be bothered.

In many ways its very similar to a rocket launch: So much of the energy that you need to expend will occur at the very beginning to get you off the ground. But after a few moments you start that momentum and things get easier. As you push onward you begin to find the atmosphere thinning, earths gravity losing its grip, and before you know it you are traveling faster than you ever thought would be possible; You’re really flying!

Welcome to FI and Fly Free (FI&FF)!!

We’re so excited to have you here, thank you for taking the time to explore this. I really see the purpose of this blog as being an outlet for chronicling our steady journey towards Financial Independence (FI), which I feel is the purest form freedom that I can imagine.

The FI&FF goal: To be inspiring, entertaining, and delivering practical ideas to help others towards FI

My hope is to build a platform that readers will find interesting, inspiring, and generate ideas that could be considered for their own journeys. I’ve heard the gentlemen at ChooseFI use the phrase “aggregation of marginal gains”, and I’m a big believer of this philosophy to just keep making minor improvements and efforts, that will compound over time to generate substantially better outcomes in how we live.

What to expect:

I’ll aim to release two posts each week, and I’ll try to keep these posts bite-sized and something that can be read in less than five minutes. I am still working a W-2 job, so there may be periods where my work life gets crazy and the posts suffer, but I’m determined to be disciplined with the regularity.

About Us:

I believe we have done a reasonably good job at managing our financial lives compared to average already, but as you know, we in the FI community want to achieve the extraordinary, and you’ll see there is still an enormous amount of room us to optimize and accelerate us down the path towards Financial Independence.

At this point we do not have a specific amount of money or time frame in mind for achieving Financial Independence; We’re just seeking to continually raise our savings rate and optimize our efforts and approaches. As we find and explore new tools to help us evaluate or turbocharge our progress,we’ll share it all here.

We don’t have all the answers, but I hope you’ll consider walking with us on this meandering journey, and that ultimately together we can: FI and Fly Free. We’re glad you just got started.